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March 6, 2011

Vietnam was FANTASTIC!

This was one holiday that I have been anticipating since we booked the tickets. Even before setting foot there personally, I've heard raving reviews about the place and food and I was all excited for it, not the luggage packing part though!

Immediately after we place our luggage down, we went straight out to tour the streets!

We went there without any concrete plans...not knowing the language spoken and that was exactly the cause of certain hair pulling action. Too frustrated trying (hard) to communicate.

But that was also what made the trip excitingly challenging. We went there to be surprise and to expect the unexpected. We didn't know much about the place nor do we know if we were supposed to bargain with taxi drivers...(but we did eventually) and we all turned aunties, trying to get a reasonable price for the products we were eyeing on!

One thing I can conclude is : YOU GOT TO BARGAIN! (especially at the market) Even if you try to drop the price to half of what the owners are asking, chances are...you will get it! It's crazy!

Why do we not have such roadside stalls in Singapore? I like!

There were many eateries in Vietnam and everyone is right when they say the food there is delicious! We opted for a roadside stall and it was so UNIQUE! We had small table and chairs and it was really dirty but the food served was extremely tasty and each bowl cost less than a singapore dollar! It is absolutely cheap!!!!!!!!

This is my favorite in Vietnam! I could eat 2 bowls by myself!!!:D

It was defintely tiring walking around but there were too many breath-taking views that kept us going. I am so thankful that I bought spare camera battery along because there's so many beautiful sceneries and moments to capture!


I wished I could tell you more about Vietnam and I defintely didn't have enough of the place! Will upload more on Cu Chi Tunnel and Mekong Delta! Two places you surely must visit if you heading to Ho Chih Min.

Continue to stay tune! I promise to be back!:)

February 11, 2011


This year has been a very different experience!

I love the long break and I totally love the getaway at Vietnam! It was extremely interesting and the scenery was breath-taking!!!!

I love the massive family gatherings and the countless interesting and never ending conversations that we have. I enjoy the quality in time spent and conversation and I liked how we are interested in each other's life. It makes the family more warmth and it brings everyone together.

For the long five days, I can blocked my ears from any noise ( work hazards ) and fully enjoy peace and time alone!

This is life! WOHOOOOOO!
After this CNY, I am SO going to stocked up on my faceshop products and continue to stick to my 2011 resolution - MORE ROUTINE SKINCARE!

April 1, 2010

I won't be blogging in detail yet because my thoughts are not fully processed.

But I am back!!!!

The only thing that made me less excited about being back is the extremely hot weather. I rather freeze than perspire. 32 degrees VS 15 degrees. I rather the latter. I can always put on my jacket. 

Although I have to climb up a steep road to back to "home", at least the weather there made the climb easier because there's no perspiration. Muscle aches are also easily recovered by laughing at each other lameness, silliness and sometimes stupidity. 

Macau has been awesome with these people and my most lovely room mate (Grace). I am so glad that I am able to wake up early in the morning even though I always fear that I will oversleep. I am very ministered by plenty happenings that occur and am thankful that I am blessed. 

It has been an amazing journey that I will gladly want to share with all of you. 

It has been real good that it feels a little surreal. God has been more than amazing there, touching not just people's life but mine in such an intimate and amazing way. It was as though I could feel God's heartbeat. Just that amazing and magical. 

PS: Ah, what happen to my 'big n tasty'?

March 18, 2010


Will be back on 27th March!"

If it is very very very urgent, you can call my mom if not ; 

Please leave a note in the tagboard/email/facebook/twitter and I will get back to you shortly

Goodbye Singapore!

March 5, 2010

I haven't been in this space for quite a while. Kind of miss how much I can freely express myself.

It's been months since I have done birthday well wishes, but because this person left very significant footprints in my life, I decided to make a comeback!

Happy 19th Linda!

You have been very special and wonderful. Thank you for being such a blessing.

These girls are people I can spent eternity with. With them, I have countless laughter and joy. Every single moment, we'll have something to talk about, to share, to care for. With them, distances don't matter because we will still think of each other while being busy with what is entrusted to us.

Love you girls and thanks for always being there!:)

Hope you enjoyed yourself Linda!:)

December 6, 2009

I gazed up the sky through my window and stood in awe of what I saw.

December 2, 2009

Have you ever see so many people at a table before?

Super ridiculous. This is evident that the family are all cam-whores jumping from table to table to have our face included in the pictures.
I didn't take much pictures at the wedding. In fact, 0 photos of the groom and bride! And I was rather annoyed that night because :

1.) We were sitting at the corner (totally blocked view)
2.) They made loud disney music that damages my ears when serving food
3.) The emcee(s) don't sound good plus lots of translation errors
4.) The restricted sitting area, I got to move in and out for the waiters to move
5.) Annoying waitress that clears my plate when there's food!
It's M Hotel! Please let there be not another wedding there. Once is seriously enough! Bad service and black face waitress at a wedding banquet!

I didn't feel much for the wedding, not touched, not really happy...in fact I felt emotionless (if there's such a word)...maybe because we aren't close. But nevertheless, it was a good avenue for the closer relatives to catch up and chit chat, take photos.

The only plus factor of the wedding
I got to use the official photographer's camera to take official pictures. Feels so complimented when he says I got skill! (Shiok!)

November 29, 2009

Danny turned 15 last week!

It was a simple surprise that we all enjoyed. :D

November 23, 2009

We seems to be taking turn to feel irritated and annoyed.

But today, I really felt a need to let it all out! I wished I could go bang on some arcade machines but by the time I reached home it was 9pm already and the arcade was closed.

Even my new hair color didn't make my day.

I am SO desperate to destress and this is only the beginning.

I had a really bad day. And I missed the sisters.

October 29, 2009

This kind of made me realize that our guys are really going into NS soon!

I am feeling excited for them (for their next phrase of life to become man) and sad because they wouldn't be just a call /sms/msn away and they won't be able to join us for outings like they do now. Although we always complain about how un-gentleman they are and sorts, I guess we would still miss them somehow.

But then again, while this boys are going and buff themselves up to become man, the girls undergo another "free" training session to be independent individuals. So as much as you guys will be suffering in Tekong, the girls are also fighting and finding ways to depend on ourselves.

After 2 years when you all are out, you'll be amazed at how much more ""garang" the girls have become. The girls will be - as tough as men and totally immune to the rat race while you all catch up.

Looking forward to graduation trip with you all! <3

October 24, 2009

I was unwrapping some of my presents yesterday with Dad.

I officially gave him permission to help me unwrap the gifts while I go crazy over them. Everyone seems to know what I like! (:

Then Dad took a bunch of nail polish up (from my bosses) and commented :

This is the most practical gift ever.

After 5 seconds, he said : Godwin can use this for art if you cannot finish using it.

October 23, 2009

HAPPY 19th TO MYSELF !! (:

Thanks to everyone who wished me through whatever mediums that they can contact me in (: Will update soon or once birthday celebration ends! (:

I had a very blessed 19th. Thanks to all of you (:

October 16, 2009

There's just this wonderful feeling of watching a new-born baby...but nothing is more spectacular than watching a baby growing up.

When I first stepped into East shore hospital slightly more than a year ago, I was in awed of the way he is at the nusery room. When he made slight noises, the whole lot of us go excited. Then when he smiles, we fight to insist that that particular smile was just for one of us.

He came out of his mommy's womb dark like chocolate. So all of us started to call him chocolate. Now that he can bite he always ask for chocolate.

I watch him sleeping in the baby cot, drinking milk and being pat to bed. Then I saw him on his stroller rushing here and there. When he could grip, he started to mimic us by talking on the telephone.

Now he can not only call us - jiejie, korkor. He can walk on his own, eat on his own, drink on his own and climb up the bed on his own. He knows how to let us know when he is hungry through his baby ways and he knows how to look into a camera. :)

Watching Pin Xu growing up taught me a lot. He has touched me in his baby ways. I cannot imagine what it is like when he attends kindergarten, primary school, secondary school....till he get married. By then, I must be really old.

Life can be so amazing and the world can be so beautiful when you start realizing that everything around is not "for granted".

" A baby is God gift to the family- they bring undescribable joy that lingers."

October 13, 2009

E-CAMP 2009!

I updated already!:)

This pictures speaks of everything.
The more you despair, the more you worship.

Enjoyed the 4D3N with this bunch of crazy people, and learning how to preach the gospel back to myself, hear what people say through 'Project X', and learning to worship meaning it.

Missing the TP crusaders. See you all during the next holiday. Oh wait. I graduated already. BUT I know you all are ever willing to have me back to bring fun, joy and laughter to the group.

October 10, 2009

To bloggers out there who wants to be famous...

" Get associate yourself to Ris Low"
Flame her or Fame her. Either way.

Our err...former Miss Singapore World.

I don't really mind the language that she used because we all fall into the trap of bad pronunciations but...cheating in school and credit card fraud? No way man! What's with the judges?

Second chances are only given to the remorseful which is is obviously not.

But then again, we cannot really blame her. Since ,
1. The judges choose her as the winner, not her.
2. She shouldn't be the one that is pin-pointed while there's no news about the judges. Like perhaps their level of judgment and ability to decide on Miss Singapore World.

Or maybe the headline the next day would read " Miss Singapore World judges apologies for bad eyesight " and sign a endorsement deal with some spectacle shop or contact lenses company.

P.S : Reminds me of how Shan boomz Yvonne in class.

October 9, 2009

Love beautiful Dayenus.
I think babies have this special magnetic force that draws people. Dayenus is not only the joy of the family but of the apple of all our eyes. :) I totally adore her and all her cute antics. Went out with her for a short while to visit Mom's aunt and had the chance to carry her in my arms....it was such a warmy fuzzy wonderful feeling on a new young life!

I believe babies are God's gifts and I really do hope (cross fingers) that we'll have more babies in the family soon. Or maybe Breann can come over more often. Babies rocks. People who don't love kids, don't.
Good night you all!

October 7, 2009


Celebrated her birthday at Ang Mo Kio's Fish & Co straight after school! I was very much anticipating the dinner because of the birthdays in Fish & Co have always been "interesting". Although in the end, this branch was a little dissappointing because there wasn't much hype, but still our objective to make Auntie Cheryl's birthday outstanding was acheived.

Before the food was served, we had fun taking pictures of each other. In fact one of our favorite interest that is common is to "take unglam pictures" and mostly our albums are filled with the unglamness of Auntie Cheryl! If you continue stalking our facebook, namely @Deborah, @Yvonne and @Germain, you would be tickled by all her expressions.

Apparently, we managed to see this picture or rather this load of pictures that she took of herself via her new camera and was showing it off to each other. Managed to take a rather okay snapshot of it before returning the camera back to Auntie Cheryl.

(P.S: Okay shot means you can still tell that it is her!)

The meals were in complete sets, so we had the soup of the day (that I love and totally adore for being so creamy) and PassionFruit signature drink of Fish & Co. Following which are pictures of our food.

The captain's catch is apparently quite a big serving, with grilled dory fish. However, the sauce of the fish just cannot enhance the taste...In fact, because the sauce taste was so overpowering, the rice tasted disgusting.
This Swiss Fish and Chips don't need much explanation right? After all fish and Co are rather famous for the fried fishes..They are so good at it that shoals of people visits them. BUT this swiss fish and chips is not for healthy concious people because its salty. It's something new from Fish and Co so there's currently promotions going on.

After the meals, the girls are back to snapping each other and happily having fun doing it! Since I was opposite them, I might as well snap pictures of them and their funny expression lor!

Then the moment we have been waiting for arrived. The Fish and Co staffs made our dear lovely Aunt Cheryl stand on the chair and hold the sparkle while they sang the birthday song. The song ended just in time with the sparkle! Yvonne had a video on it , and I suppose that will be up soon on facebook for viewing. Exciting!
"Everyone, we have a birthday auntie in the house....ROCK ON!"

We had free ice-cream from Fish and Co and Yvonne demostrated how to tie a knot with the cherry stalk .

And to end our happy evening off, the four happy us took a group photo together. So sad there is no nice surroundings and ambience in the AMK Hub branch Fish and Co. So I advise you all ah, go elsewhere..don't go for AMK ones unless you are not particular about your surrounderings.
After visiting so many branch, I still prefer Changi Airport Fish and Co, got private room. Shiok!

Hope you enjoy your day as much, Auntie Cheryl!:) Thanks for being such a wonderful friend in RP. As much as I don't like to use this acroym, but still BFF (Best friends' forever). Looking forward to seeing you walk down the aisle with the love of your life hooked tightly. :)

October 4, 2009

I woke up this morning to this annoying message from this annoying person...

"Today marks the end of your holidays!:) "

What kind of friend is this? You tell me!

But still reality is as such, fun time are now gone. Time to slog and mug hard already. I guess, I would appreciate this semester better now that it's only to be my last. I want to make the best out of everything and enjoy being a student.

RP, I'm coming!!!!!

September 9, 2009

I went on a one day trip with the church 長樂 group on 3th Sep 2009. I thought it would be boring and I wasn't really anticipating but how mistaken I was.

The stories that the grannies share, the experiences from the uncles are just so interesting. I enjoy listening to the stories about our church, the stories of how they became christians, and their pasts. I listen to the stories the grannies share with pride about their grandchildren and children, and how adorable babies are.

We went to 3 places - Singapore Flyer, Marina Barrage and Opium Hill. I was really looking foward to Opium Hill because I have never heard of the place at all!!!

Our first trip was at the flyer and I was so glad that I brought the tripod along. There were a few group of grannies who would request that I take group picture for them and a handful who wants some personal shots behind really beautiful sceneries.

The grannies and uncles always listen attentively to the tour guide and although they only can walk for a few steps because their legs feel weak, they always make it a point to try to get to the end.

Here's what you would get to see first when you enter the entrance of the opium hill. What's really worthy of the wholetrip would be the video that they would show about the war and how people struggle. The animations were so real and with the added volume of sound effects, you will be super in awe and dumbfounded.

I don't know what these statues represent but I guess its some heros of WWII or so as the quote says. But I like the tree nearby more because of its unique bark and leaves. (:
And finally a group photo together while they are resting. I don't exactly know where is this place but I know its somewhere near hortpark. I came across this canon before when I went hiking with the crusaders!

Although our communication barrier is around, but I enjoy looking at the smiling faces of the old people. They are like big kids who are happy and excited when they are going for a trip but at the end of it, they are all tired and sleepy.

Looking forward to their CNY trip. Thinking of all the goodies now!!!!

September 1, 2009

Wear a Yellow Ribbon, give ex-offenders a second chance.

Had a really fulfilling and accomplished day selling flags for yellow ribbon. Although I met people who are skeptical about giving, there were also a fair share of cheerful and generous givers.

What I did that day was all the I could. I cannot give in monetary terms for now, but I can in terms of my time and willingness. But compared to what I contributed, I took back much more. I had fun with the group of Four Legend consisting of John, Ivy, Arthur and myself! :)

Anyway, the money that is collected that day will be use to organize programs for the ex-offenders and help them to integrate into the society again which is very beneficial. It's human to err, but if they are willing to change, why not give them a second chance?

Show a little love, and the world will be a better place.

John and Me

So thankful that John went down to help. Appreciate the heart of willingness and the time he was willing to spend for a better cause. :)

Selling flags reminds me of kettling. I like the idea of being able to contribute within my means but I constantly have the urge to wanna do something more.

This is the final picture of us, whole group photo. And we are the group that is left with zero yellow ribbons left! Yay! :)

Glad I spend a day of my holiday doing something more beneficial than shopping, watching movie or slacking away.

To all the people who gave, thank you very much for your big heart.

I believe in second chances. :):)

August 28, 2009

A happy journey begins like that....

This is by far, one of the most interesting competition-(s) I have come across, and one of the most considerate one. If everyone is considerate then traveling on public transport would be so much more pleasant.

There are 24 entries (from when I entered) and these are the three I am so tickled by in their unique ways.

Man of thousand faces, Arthur Ong;
Tips for a happy journey, Felicia Ang;
Animated video for a happy journey, Art Lim.

I wanted to embed the video up here for all your convenience but blogger don't seem to be very helpful. So URL instead! Click on it and see for yourself.(:

So interesting to see what other people happy journeys are like!!!!

Sometimes our little act of considerations in our daily lives really make a difference to how a person would feel. No reservations, just considerations...and we would be able to go really far.

Of course, basic courtesy is appreciated.
If someone gives his seat to you, remember to say thank you. There's power in courtesy. He could have made your day by giving you the seat, and you could make his day by saying thank you.

Looking forward to a lot more of happy journeys.

August 26, 2009


It's your 16th.

You have been such a sweet little thing in my life.

It's a pleasure to be able to leave my footstep in your life and to watch you grow as you experience part and parcels of growing up. I can never recall a time where we did not get along but I can always remember the smiles you brought to my face and left me grinning from ear to ear.

Sometimes, the little things that you done, warm my heart and make my day. At others, they bring me so much joy that I just want to dance and jump around.

You have been a precious gift in all our lives.

All the best for your O levels.
Remember, no pressure...just do your best, and trust God for the results.

Whatever it is, we still love you.

Once again, Happy birthday! And have a blessed one!

August 25, 2009

Little Tenor went for his first grooming session last sunday and had girls going gaga over him. I had the previlege to stand inside the grooming room to watch him get his hair trimmed and having his very pampered bath.

After the very professional grooming session at Pet Safari, Tenor transform to be a super adorable head turner. (: He have people who stop to see him, request to take photo with him and even give him a pat on his big head. Kawaii!

Now that he has his hair trimmed, we can all see his eyes clearly already.
Yay, and he smells super nice as well.

Can't wait to show all of you his time at the grooming salon. Soon,I promise! :)
Meanwhile, have a good week ahead!

August 21, 2009

Although I really love to watch National Day Parades, I decided to attend a church camp instead.

We had a very comfortable camp site - YWCA and it was really near where the national celebrations are held. In fact, I can hear the fireworks going off quite loudly and was supressing the urge to want to go out and just have a peek.

At 8.22PM exactly, I took the pledge moment with Felicia in whispers because we were in the midst of a lesson. And instead of saying the pledge together, we end of each other sentences.

But still, whether or not I watch the celebrations, I love Singapore as much! (:
I am 100% patriotic.

There was around 30plus of us, and through this camp, I got to know Ms Tong better. I have always seen her in Sunday school and she always quietly sits alone and seldom mingle around. So I am quite happy that I bonded with her quite a bit and I hope she would open more in time to come.

Fyi, Ms Tong is my pastor's daughter. (:

Of course, there are a group of people that I always adore and love to be in the midst of. And they are none other than my cousins as well as church mates.

I always wonder why girls bond well together. Do you know why?

From left
: Ms Tong ( in pink), Pris, Me, Joy, Felicia( with scarf) and Linda Chua.

We had five sessions of bible lessons and time to share as a group as well as prayer and worship time. Our group is considered the 'young people' group except for our leader. Haha! And I enjoyed how much I can relate to ' the pursuit of happyness' after watching it for so many times.
I love the choir singing "Lord, please don't move the mountains...Instead, give me strength"

Looks like they are sleeping hor, but they are actually praying.
This is our speaker for the two days, the national director of Singapore Youth For Christ ( YFC ). I enjoy the simplicity of his sessions, easily understood and relatable.
Although I still don't really know what Singapore Youth For Christ does even though there is one group of them in my school, I believe that all christian organisation work towards bringing the good news to the people.
While he teaches, he would also write on the flip charts and use notes that reminds me of secondary school. It makes me feel as though I am back into the secondary school era! And for a moment, I was like a good kid sitting up, listening attentively and taking down notes as and when.

Plus I am not alone. Look at all the aunties and uncles in church who are taking down notes as well. This conference room is so comfortable that I would feel like falling asleep.

After the two days of camp, I feel really refreshed and encouraged.
& more assured and determine to use the Observe, Intepret, Apply (OIA) concept into my quiet time although it is rather time consuming. Hope all the rest feel the same too! :)
I really got a lot more insights from the sharing sessions.


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